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Chi Asian Kitchen - Slurping Soon
Interior #2
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Chī Asian Kitchen

Coming soon this fall

Chī will offer a wide variety of traditional dishes, including Chinese curry puffs, crafted with ground prime beef and toasted cumin; salt and pepper calamari, made with jalapeño, garlic, and ginger crunch; Japanese-style fried chicken, served with spicy soy mayonnaise and pickled daikon; and potstickers, made with pork and shrimp, pan-fried or steamed.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chī Asian Kitchen and are looking forward to offering bold and flavorful Asian cuisine to our guests,” said Stephen Thayer, vice president, and general manager of The STRAT. “You can always count on our food and beverage options to be top-notch, and the cuisine at Chī will offer some of the best Asian cuisine on the Strip.”


Chi Asian Kitchen



Coming Soon

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