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What is The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower's deposit policy?

To secure your wedding date, time, and venue, we must receive a minimum deposit of $500 for your selected package. Deposits vary based on package selection. Our Just the Two of Us, Say I Do, and Thrill Ride wedding packages are paid in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We can also accept cashier's checks or money orders no less than 30 days before your wedding date. If you book in person, we do accept cash payments. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept personal checks as a method of payment.

What is The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower's wedding cancellation policy?

Deposits are not refundable or transferable. When a cancellation occurs with less than 30 days notice, the full payment of the wedding becomes non-refundable and non-transferable.

Do you offer any discounts or special offers for weddings?

We offer a 10% military discount on chapel weddings. Just the Two of Us, Say I Do, and Thrill Ride Weddings are not included in the discount offer. Please check our website at periodically for special offers.

If I need to change my date or time, what do I do?

Any date or time changes should be made with more than 30 days notification. We charge a fee of $150 for a date or time change, based on availability.

How early should I arrive for my wedding? How early should guests arrive?

With our Just the Two of Us, Say I Do, Thrill Ride and Wedding in the Clouds packages, the bride, groom, and all guests are to arrive at the same time.

For all other packages, brides should arrive dressed and ready for your wedding about 30 minutes before the ceremony and the groom and guests should arrive 15 minutes before the wedding. Be sure to arrive on schedule so you do not incur any late fees. Please let your guests know that the chapel may be difficult to find and they should allow ample time to get to the wedding.

Are there any fees if we are late?

In the event of a late arrival, you may be subject to a $200 late fee or a $350 rescheduling fee and your wedding may be moved to the nearest available time and location.

What do we need in order to obtain our marriage license?

Find a list of required documents needed to obtain your marriage license through Clark County. You can find information by visiting Clark County Services
You will need to bring with you at least one (check link below for more details) of the following original documents containing your photo. The photo must be fairly recent.

  • Driver’s License
  • Driver’s Instruction Permit
  • ID Card issued by U.S. state or territory
  • Foreign government issued ID card, including Driver’s License (must include your birthdate)
  • Passport
  • Matricula Consular Card
  • Military ID Card or Military Dependent ID Card issued by branch of U.S. Armed Forces
  • Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, or Permanent Resident Card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

For detailed information about requirements needed to obtain a marriage license, please visit Clark County - How to Get a Marriage License

Can I get the marriage license from my home state?

To be a legally binding ceremony, you must obtain a marriage license from the State of Nevada. In Las Vegas, you may acquire your license at the Clark County Courthouse located at 201 East Clark Avenue in downtown Las Vegas and is open seven days a week from 8:00am to Midnight. The current fee is $77.00, payable in cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit card. Fees are subject to change, please check with the Clark County Clerk for the current fees.

How soon can I get my marriage license?

Save time! You cay complete the pre-application form for your marriage license online here, up to 60 days before your wedding date. Please know you will still need to visit the Marriage Bureau at 201 East Clark Avenue in person to pick up and pay for your marriage license prior to the ceremony.

When will I receive my signed marriage certificate?

After your ceremony you will receive an unrecorded copy of your marriage certificate before you leave the chapel. The minister will file a copy of the signed certificate with the Clark County Recorder’s Office within ten business days of your wedding date.

You can order a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the County Recorder’s office about 10 business days after your ceremony. For more information, please visit Clark County - How to Obtain Proof of Marriage

Will I be legally married?

Yes, Las Vegas ceremonies are recognized as legal marriages all over the world. After the ceremony, your minister will obtain the witness signatures and complete the marriage documentation process and you will be legally married.

What will I need in order to change my name?

In order to change your name on paper, most governmental agencies, banks, and insurance companies will need a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the Clark County Recorder’s Office. For more information, please visit Clark County - How to Obtain Proof of Marriage

Government agencies will require the certified copy to complete the name change process. 

Do you have a minister that can perform my ceremony?

Yes, we have several ministers who perform weddings for us that we will schedule for your ceremony. Each minister will be dedicated to providing you a genuine ceremony and recording your documents with the Recorder’s Office as required. They are each licensed to the County Clerk’s Office to perform legally binding ceremonies in Nevada and the ceremonies are recognized all over the world.

Is the minister’s fee included in the package?

The minister’s fee is not included in our package pricing and is an additional $75, payable in cash, directly to the minister at the time of the ceremony.

Can I meet with the minister before my wedding?

You will meet with the minister around 30 minutes prior to your wedding, either as a couple or individually. The minister will go over the marriage license and ceremony procedures. The minister will only perform a civil ceremony which focuses on your relationship with one another and does not mention God.

What kinds of things will the minister say?

Each of our ministers has their own unique ceremony that they have memorized. They can customize portions of their ceremony to the two of you as a couple. If you would like to write your own vows of love and devotion, you may. Unfortunately, we do not allow couples to write the entire ceremony without prior approval and an additional fee requirement.

Am I able to select my minister or are bilingual ministers available?

If you have a language preference for your ceremony, the minister’s fee increases to $100 cash. If you prefer a specific minister on our staff, the minister’s fee increases to $150 cash.

Can I bring my own minister or someone that I know to perform my ceremony?

We allow you to bring your own clergy person other than those we are contracted with, but three conditions do apply. First, we do charge an outside clergy fee of $75. Second, the ceremony needs to remain within the 10-minute time frame. Third, your clergy person needs to obtain a “temporary permission to perform weddings” with the Clark County Clerk’s office if not already licensed in the State of Nevada prior to performing your ceremony and must obtain permission at least 30 days prior to the wedding date. Learn about requirement at Clark County - Marriage Officiant Legal Requirements and Instructions.

Are Rabbis available?

Yes, rabbinical services may be performed by Rabbis from area temples. Our coordinators have a list of Rabbis that we are contracted with. Please keep in mind that Rabbis set their own fees.

If I am renewing my vows, do I need to get another marriage license?

In order to renew your vows, you will not need to obtain another marriage license. We do provide couples that renew their vows with a decorative certificate of renewal.

Can you perform a commitment ceremony?

Yes, any of our packages can be performed as commitment ceremonies.

What is a commitment ceremony?

A commitment ceremony is a unifying ceremony performed by one of our clergy that is not recognized as a legally binding contract by government agencies in the same way as a marriage ceremony.

Can I add a singer to my ceremony?

Yes, you may add a singer to highlight a portion of your marriage ceremony such as the bridal party entrance, wedding party exit or a unity candle or sand ceremony service. The fees for microphones and/or “outside vendor fees” will apply and arrangements for these services should be made with your wedding coordinator prior to your ceremony.

How long is the wedding ceremony?

Although our chapels are booked for 30-60 minute periods, the actual ceremony only takes about 7-10 minutes. You may choose to add one or two personal touches to your wedding such as a singer, unity candle or sand ceremony. Please discuss these requests with your wedding coordinator since we must keep our ceremonies within the time frames allotted.

What happens when I arrive for my wedding?

Your wedding coordinator will give you directions on where to meet and when to arrive based on the package you have selected.

Typically, our couples will arrive separately. With our Just the Two of Us, Say I Do, Thrill Ride, and Wedding in the Clouds packages, the bride, groom, and all guests are to arrive at the same time.

Once you arrive, you will be provided with your flowers (if included in your package) and assisted to an area where you can relax while the chapel staff prepares for your ceremony. The minister will introduce him/herself and briefly go over your ceremony. Based on your package, about 5 minutes before your ceremony, the butler will line up the wedding party in the order they proceed up the aisle. Once they are in place, the butler will prepare the bride and her escort and then the ceremony will begin.

How many people can I have in my wedding party?

Your guest count is based on your package selection.

Does The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower have a hotel salon?

The STRAT does not currently have a salon.

Can I get dressed at the chapel?

We recommend that you arrive at the chapel dressed and ready 30 minutes prior to your scheduled ceremony.

Can I ship my dress to the chapel?

You may ship your dress to the concierge desk at the hotel that you are staying, but please do not ship it directly to the wedding chapels as we do not have space to store them and these areas are not secured. There may be a small service fee charged by the concierge desk for holding your dress until you arrive. Please contact them prior to shipping your dress.

Is the chapel wheelchair accessible?

Our chapels are wheelchair accessible. Your wedding coordinator will be happy to show you and your guests the wheelchair access route to the chapel.

What if I have to rent a wheelchair?

Our Security team can assist you with wheelchair or scooter rentals. Please visit the Security podium on the casino level for assistance.

Does The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower offer childcare?

The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower is not equipped for childcare and does not offer this service.

Does The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower offer airport shuttle service?

No, however there are several shuttles from McCarran International Airport to the Strip. You can catch them right outside baggage claim at the airport and they operate 7 days a week. Their rates may vary. 

Can I rent a car at The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower?

Budget Car Rental is located inside The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower adjacent to the front desk.

What does the wedding coordinator do?

The wedding coordinator is responsible for preparing your arrangements prior to your arrival and ensures that you know what to expect when you arrive. They will supply you with confirmations of your arrangements; schedule your chapel time, flowers, photography, minister and the additional amenities in your wedding package. The wedding coordinator can also help with reception options, provide information to contact the in-house beauty salon, set up The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower restaurant reservations and let you know who to contact for hotel room blocks.

Can I contact my wedding coordinator to go over arrangements at any time?

We recommend that you contact your wedding coordinator as questions arise after your initial confirmation letter is sent. Your coordinator will not reach out to you to finalize the details until approximately 30 days before your wedding. If your ceremony is several months away and your coordinator is off or on vacation, please allow them time to respond to your question as they are typically handling a lot of communication with many other couples and may be assisting with a wedding in the chapel at any given time.

Am I able to make several small payments toward my ceremony?

You may make small payments for your wedding ceremony. Please contact your wedding coordinator with the amount to be applied to the form of payment on file. If you are changing the form of payment, please notify your wedding coordinator for assistance.

When is the balance of my wedding due?

The balance of the ceremony and all additions and upgrades is due 30 days prior to the ceremony, as a general rule. Our Just the Two of Us, Say I Do, and Thrill Ride wedding packages are paid in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What time should I schedule my reception?

You may schedule your reception to begin after the ceremony or you may want something less traditional, such as a pre-wedding gathering before the ceremony and returning to the banquet room after the ceremony for a wedding dinner or reception.

Who should I contact about restaurant reservations?

You may contact our hotel reservations department for reservations at our restaurants at 800.998.6937. For parties of 15 guests or more, please contact the Catering department at 800.789.9436 so that our catering managers will be further able to assist you with your reservations.

Who should I contact if I would like a banquet reception?

In regards to creating a banquet-style reception, your wedding coordinator will be able to assist you. You may also contact our Catering department at 800.789.9436 and speak with one of our friendly catering managers. You may also reach them by email at [email protected].

Is music played during my ceremony? Can I bring my own music?

Yes, music is played during all ceremonies in the Bella Vista Salon. Music is one of the most powerful ways of expressing your emotions during your wedding. There are three musical selections played during the ceremony: the first is played for the bridal party, the second is played as the bride enters, and the final selection rings out when you are pronounced for the first time. You may also bring your own music selection. Please speak to your wedding coordinator about options.

We also allow you to upgrade your package to include a singer, live musician, string quartet, or an impersonator. These requests can be added to your package for additional fees. Please contact your wedding coordinator to discuss your options and allow ample time for the coordinator to arrange talent prior to your ceremony date.

What floral options do I have?

Flowers provide color and style to your ceremony and our wedding coordinators can assist you in selecting the flowers that are perfect for your style and within your budget. Our florists can create something unique for you or duplicate a bouquet that you have selected as long as you provide a clear photograph of the bouquet to your coordinator. Your coordinator can help you design and order additional flowers as well. We do allow you to bring your own silk flowers or live floral arrangements. Please contact your coordinator for more information regarding your options. We do ask that you do not have flowers delivered to our office as we do not have the space or the proper holding areas and are not responsible for loss or damage.

Are candles allowed during my ceremony for décor?

We do allow battery-operated luminaries for wedding décor. Luminaries are candles that flicker much like a traditional candle. Unfortunately, due to the uniqueness of the Tower and strict fire codes, we are unable to have any open flames in our chapels with the exception of a unity candle ceremony.

Are unity candles allowed during my wedding ceremony?

You may add a tabletop unity candle to your wedding ceremony for an additional fee because the flames are not left unattended for a period of time.

Am I able to customize my package by removing or adding items?

Generally, we are unable to remove items from our packages. If we are able to remove an item at your request a credit will not be extended for the items removed. We are able to add items to your package. We recommend discussing your requests with your wedding coordinator because he/she can help you determine which package will be most suitable for you and which is the most cost effective for your budget.

Are pets allowed at my ceremony or in the hotel?

Only service animals are permitted in the chapels and the hotel and must be cleared through our hotel security personnel.

How does the photography and videography package work?

We have professional photographers and videographers contracted through Cashman Photography. Every ceremony package includes a set amount of photography time and a certain credit towards photographic products. Our photographers take a minimum number of shots that you will be able to select from to have printed to fulfill your photo package. Photographs are taken during the ceremony in a journalistic style and some more posed photographs following the wedding.

Can I have more pictures taken of my wedding than my package includes?

If you intend to do several group photos, we recommend upgrading your photography package to include more time for family shots and more personalized poses with your spouse. You will be able to meet with the sales office located near our theater within 1-2 days of your ceremony. The photo studio will send out a link and instructions for viewing and purchasing your photos through your email only if you are unable to meet with them prior to leaving Las Vegas.

Can I purchase more photos that are not included in my wedding package?

Yes, you may purchase additional photos and your family may select prints from your online photo gallery or during your in-person meeting to view your photos with the sales office. You will receive an email from Cashman Photography with a link and password for online access to ordering additional prints within 3 business days of your ceremony.

Is the copyright for additional pictures included in the package?

No, copyright is not included in the costs of the wedding or photography packages. You may arrange to purchase a high-resolution photo CD in advance though. Speak to your photography salesperson for your options, as the costs will vary.

Does the chapel offer live webcasting of my ceremony?

Yes, we do offer live webcasting of your ceremony. However, if the ceremony takes place on the Observation Decks of the Tower, there is typically a time delay of 2-4 hours from the ceremony time until the wedding is available to view online.

$99.95 plus tax for 24 hours

$119.95 plus tax for 60 days

Can my guests take their own photos?

Your guests are welcome to take photographs with a smart phone or small personal camera as we are preparing for the wedding, pinning on corsages, organizing the processional and the like, but they should not shoot during the ceremony and remain seated.

Are there room discounts offered for my guests?

Please contact the hotel reservations department at 800.998.6937 to make reservations. The hotel does offer up to a 15% discount on a standard hotel room based on the occupancy of the hotel. Once your wedding is booked, your wedding coordinator can offer you a code for the couple and the guests.

What time is check-in and checkout for the hotel?

The official check-in time is 3pm and checkout is at 11am.

Is there a minimum age requirement to book a hotel room?

Yes, at least one person registered in the room must be 21 years old prior to check-in.

How soon can I book my wedding?

We recommend booking your wedding as soon as you are sure of us and sure of your time and date. Chapel in the Clouds books weddings up to one year in advance and we do fill up quickly.

What is the cancellation policy on hotel reservations?

In order to avoid any cancellation fees on your room reservations you cannot keep, you must provide at least 72 hours’ notice when cancelling a room reservation.

For more information or any additional questions you may have, please contact a wedding coordinator at 800.789.9436 or e-mail us at [email protected].